Friendships, Encouragement, Belonging... Have you Discovered Community?  That is why we have a co-op.  This is what our co-op is all about. 

ELCC was founded in 2009 by a small group of families and has grown to serve hundreds of families over the years.

The first semester begins on Thursday, August 29, 2024, and continues for 14 weeks (each Thursday), concluding on December 12, 2024.  This registration is for the first semester only.  

Fall Break is October 17. Thanksgiving is November 29. There will be no co-op either of those days! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Location Information

  • Excellence in Learning Community Co-op
  • 310 Everett Ave, Newark, OH, 43055 US

We offer two levels of membership in Excellence in Learning Community Co-op

Option 1: Associate Membership -  $40 per family, per year (can convert to a Family Membership at no additional charge) 

Associate Membership Benefits:

- Private email loop and Facebook group w/ support from experienced homeschooling parents
- 4000 title curriculum library  
- Field Trips (additional cost) 
- Team sports (additional cost) 
- Training Day Conference featuring speakers from across the State of Ohio
- HSLDA membership discount
- Summertime family fellowship 
- Individual or Family Portraits at a deeply discounted price 
- Parent Educator ID card
- High School Graduation (additional cost) 
- Quarterly teen gatherings
- Mom’s events and gatherings

Option 2 - Family Membership -  $20 per family, per semester - at least 1 child attending must be 5 before Sept. 1

Family Membership Benefits includes all of the above AND:  

- Access to register for once per week co-op classes taught by experienced educators and homeschooling parents
- Access to Private music and voice lessons (additional cost)
- Monthly Field Trips (some additional cost)
- High School Graduation
- Monthly Spirit Days
- Quarterly co-op fellowships including Lake Isabella and Valentines Fellowship. 
- Annual Science Fair participation with option to go on to the regional Science Fair
- Additional Family Membership field trip opportunities such as college visits and trips which pertain to specific classes and/or have limited space
- Participation in our twice yearly Student Showcase
- Annual Field Day with tons of games and prizes for the kids

- Additional Events throughout the semester

Please note:  Membership fees are tax deductible and non-refundable.

  • One per family, per semester. Please register all students in the same family under the same membership. Students are registering for classes at co-op. At least 1 student is 5 yo before Sept 1.

  • One per family, per year. The family is not attending classes but participating in other events and/or borrowing books from the library.

Co·op·er·a·tive /kōˈäp(ə)rədiv/ - noun - 1. a farm, business, or other organization which is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits. 

As a cooperative model, we are a community of families working together to create an excellent learning environment. We ask families to help 1/2 the time they are at co-op, as they are able. This can be helping in your child's class, hall monitor, cleaning, setting up for lunch, yearbook, help with an event or field trip, library assistant. There are MANY ways to help. Coordinators exist to help you navigate co-op and are flexible and understanding. We understand you are here to participate and enjoy classes with your kids, and we have designed this so every family has time to fellowship and hang out.

The following questions help us determine a good place for you to serve.

Help lower your co-op costs. We desire to keep co-op very affordable for every family.   Here are some EASY ways to help raise funds and lower your class fees! 

  • Clever Crazes for Kids - kids play fun and educational games online and win prizes for themselves and our group!  Login: ELCC  Password: elccfun Free educational games online, safe platform with no ads. Select your child's profile and have fun!
  • Kroger Community Rewards - register your Kroger Plus Card, and ELCC will receive a % of cash back for every purchase. This doesn't affect Kroger Fuel Rewards or Kroger Mastercard Rewards programs. Learn more here
  • Box Tops for Education - Download their app and scan receipts where ever you shop. If the receipt is scanned within 14 days, ELCC will receive cash back for each participating item purchased.  
  • Scrip Program is your PERSONAL scholarship program that YOU can use to pay for all your expenses at ELCC. Shop as you usually do, but by participating, you can earn several hundred dollars per year towards your fees.
  • Ohio ACE program - ELCC is an approved Ohio ACE provider, you can submit your receipts for class fees for up to $500 for the 22-23 school year and $1000 for the 23-24 school year.  This is for reimbursement only, ELCC will not join as a billing provider to keep our autonomy as a group. 

Families must complete paper emergency medical forms, a participation waiver, and a unity agreement. These forms can be downloaded, printed, and returned to our security team. Your signature below indicates that you have read these forms and agree with their terms - EVEN IF you have not yet turned in a printed copy.

ELCC is open to families home educating in accordance with state law and using any curriculum or e-school regardless of age, race, religion, color, national origin, sex, political affiliations, marital status, or physical or mental disability.  Please note that not all areas of our building are ADA-accessible.  

MANDATORY ORIENTATION: Will be held in August and will be required for ALL members. August 19th (daytime) August 20th (evening) or August 27th (evening) please select which date will work best for your family. 

ALL FAMILIES are required to attend orientation this year to attend co-op.

I am the parent or legal guardian of the student I am registering and I have reviewed and understand Excellence in Learning Community Co-op Guidelines and links above.
I understand both the benefits and the responsibilities of becoming a member of the community co-op and agrees to abide by these terms in order to maintain our membership in co-op.

PLEASE NOTE:  Under each time period, you will select classes for this semester. Please select "DEPOSIT ONLY" under each period if you want to make payments or are applying for a scholarship.
You can always edit your registration online before the drop date of July 14, 2024.   After that date, you can contact the registration coordinator directly to request a change to your schedule. ELCC cannot guarantee a refund after this date (refer to page 9 of the handbook), and will be at the discretion of the teacher. 

9 am classes

10 am Classes

11am Classes

12:45pm Classes

1:45pm Classes

2:45pm Classes


Please note the billing amounts and dates at the bottom of this form and record them in your calendar. Your card will be charged on these dates for the amount shown. You will also receive a confirmation email with a breakdown of each class and when each class will be billed. You can also create an account (recommended) to complete any class changes needed. Class changes can not be processed online after July 14, 2024. Please contact the registration coordinator if you have questions. 


You must add a second student BEFORE paying if you have multiple kids. If you have a student on a waitlist, you WILL NOT be able to add a second student and this will HOLD your registration for the first student (meaning they could lose ALL of their classes).  You can choose a class and put your waitlisted class in the comments.
The billing summary (below) only shows what you are paying today.  If you select payments above - additional amounts will be charged as outlined in "Grand Total of payments for all students." 

Billing Information

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  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
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